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An ongoing concern for Argosy is the green issue. We are proactively committed to minimizing a negative impact on Earth by implementing a greener method of production.
Minimizing hazardous substance usage
Argosy carefully manages the level of hazardous substances contained in components, products, and equipments used in production. We comply strictly with EU led RoHS regulations.
Practicing ISO14001 guidelines in monitoring production
ISO14001 is adopted as our framework to assess both possible direct and indirect impacts that we may have to our planet.
Implementing 3R rules
Argosy is and has been committed to using reusable and recyclable packaging to reduce natural resource consumption and waste generation, while also actively developing advanced energy-saving techniques in production.
Implementation of a lead- free principle in our production process
Argosy acknowledges the accumulation of lead in landfills. We restrict the use of lead in our manufacturing process and products to eliminate further environmental damage.
For better quality of life and to sustain our earth, Argosy will continue to augment its green strategy to maintain its production of environmentally friendly products.
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